Strangers from the South & Musical Number

Scene 2

- Who the hell are these guys? Wow, I’m confused
- Never mind them, they’re some yahoos from the south, that got lost. 
- So loud, for two people. Are they protesting?  Or is it a rally?
- I told you they’re not from here.

- What language do they speak? I understand the words but it makes no sense.

- It’s not supposed to make sense, creating confusion is the point.
- Oh! I see, so it’s like Dadaism. I get it, it’s a Dada performance piece
- No, no I really don’t think we should get into a musical number right now.
- Too late

Scene 3. Musical Number: Dada to the Far Right

My Neighbour the Giant Supermodel

Scene 1

- Hey There Kate, long time no see.
- Still, working late?

- Just having trouble sleeping these days. So, what’s the word on the street?
- Hard to tell there’s so few people around. I heard some cheering early evening. It always sounds like a big crowd, but there’s never anybody around. I also heard gunshots a few weeks ago.
- I know, I saw death the other night. 
- You did? I see him regularly passing by. Not sure about his latest fashion statement.

An Eerie Character

- I know who you are
- Do you?
- You replaced your scythe with a plague doctor mask. Not sure if it’s appropriate 
- I have the night off so I dropped the iconic prop for a more incognito look. Similar shape though
- You are walking on electrical wires way above street level.
- Oh, right. forgot about mortals behaviour. It has been ages since the last time I could roam the surface of the earth freely.It’s quite liberating actually.
- You got to be joking 

Gotta Dance

A rainy day Watching people passing by The dance of the umbrellas begins An old musical is on TV The kind that warms the heart Recalling a bygone era of calmer days So it seems

The Waiting Game

The waiting game, the longing game


A few years ago, I noticed that time was accelerating and so I started to run.
Run against time, against old age. 
Run for your life. Run to catch up with time. 
Run against the clock to leave something behind before time is up. 
Run, just run.

Then suddenly, everything stopped.
So abruptly that there was a loss of gravity for a while.

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound A dimension of sight A dimension of mind You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance Of things and ideas
You just crossed over into… 1


Adventures in Self-Isolation or A Man in a Box is a diary in an age of transition. The Vitruvian man has lost his bearing and finds himself in a world he does not know. A visual stream of consciousness on a quiet home front, hovering between reality and imagination